About Us

ABAS or more formally known as 'Always Be About Something' was created by Farouq Gidado, a 27-year-old Nigerian who has a passion for helping others pursue their goals. ABAS was created to help motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential. In collaboration with his six closest friends from high school, they coined the acronym and it became their life motto. ABAS as it is today began with only 25 T-shirts and determination to not give up on a dream. Our brand is a representation of something bigger than any one person. We are a  collective tribe of doers and aim to be about your voice: our brand is about you.  We want to tell your story, when you rock ABAS you're declaring to the world that you're about something and inviting others to do the same. As a brand our goal is to have a positive impact, urging everyone that comes into contact with us to follow their dreams, pursue their passions and never forget where they come from. And of course, to ALWAYS BE ABOUT SOMETHING, whatever that something may be.